Monday, March 31, 2008

International Week!

Last night's Ebay sales were a true international extravaganza! I had customers from
Hong Kong
and of course the US and Canada. Thanks to Babelfish I can usually figure out any questions I'm asked in languages other than French or English. I hope my answers make sense...if you've ever tried putting your translation back into Babelfish and turning it back into English...well, the results can be pretty funny!

The bellydance workshop was nice, it was fun to see some friends and familiar faces. The guest teacher was Virginia from Miami, she was a fantastic dancer and a very good teacher. Unfortunately for me the order of the workshop had been reversed...I went on Saturday because the listed class was drum solo technique and a drum solo choreography, but instead it was an intricate and very structured Oriental (Egyptian) choreography, which isn't my favorite style to dance though I love to watch it. The drum solo was taught on Sunday instead. Oh well, it was an interesting day and I did learn some great Saidi steps to incorporate into cane dance. The show on Saturday night was wonderful, this is the fourth one we've gone to and every year has been great. The dancers work really hard.
Next year I plan to get my courage up and dance in the show.
Eshta's Vintage was a success again and it was fun to see what people selected. I always enjoy that!

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