Thursday, July 30, 2009

More From The Garden

Maia with her paintings (I lucked out and got one before they were all gone!)
Lovely Diana (check out her blog Her Wings)...
And some of her perky, saucy dolls.
An amazing crab flower spider. Did you know they change their color over a few days to match whatever flower they are living on? On goldenrod they are yellow and white.
Love this pic that Veronica took...with Jennifer reflected in the mirror, and two of the kids considering beads.
Hollyhocks and re-purposed church organ pipes.
One of Kathryn's whimsies...a giant bird filled with recycled light bulbs.
Branch totems.
A nearly headless guy!
Charlie making the acquaintance of the wonderful sculptural felted Black Cat that Maia made, just for me!

More tomorrow, until then, sweet dreams!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Booth Neighbours

Good neighbours are such a bonus when doing a show! Just look at those fat cheeks! They were full of half-ripe blackberries. This is our little corner of the garden.
Veronica's dream-like booth:

More updates tomorrow!

In A Garden

We had quite nice weather this year for the garden show...the rain was minimal and it wasn't as hot as the surface of the sun! My cute little green tent kept off both the rain and the sun, except for those few moments when I did a demo during a cloudburst, just barely under the tent, with rain dripping down my neck. It was refreshing!

Playing Catch-Up!

Yes, I have been busy...thank you for asking! The time slips away so quickly. I can't think of a worse cliche to type out but it's true.
Last weekend was the "In A Garden" show at Kathryn McHolm's home in Welcome, Ontario. Could there be a prettier name for a village?
Beautifully speckled guinea fowl eggs gathered to be carried into the farmhouse:
And then, a swing to the other end of life, possibly the best mailbox EVER!!!
Made of found rusty things, welded and cold-jointed. Note that the hands are fire sprinkler thingies. How delectably post-apocalyptic.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Puttering Along

Some seascape beads:

Just a quick update! I am working away, preparing for the show next weekend. Finishing up bracelets, admiring the 60 pairs of earrings I have ready, working on a few enamel projects. Yesterdays did NOT turn out, hopefully today's will be better.
The sweet peas and the miniature roses are blooming. One thing about gardening in a cool climate is that the old fashioned, sweet scented English flowers thrive for us. The sweet peas and heliotrope are heavenly.
My family visited on the weekend and there were a few great beach finds. Major Destruction found the coolest piece ever, the neck of a Victorian medicine bottle, a narrow tube of frosty aqua glass. Many trades were proposed, but all were declined! Er found a cats-eye marble, all tumbled by the waves, and I found a bit of brown transfer ware china.
On Saturday I made a point of popping out to the edge of the yard at dusk...where the view across the lake is of miles and miles of the US shoreline in the distance. I watched at least 20 simultaneous fireworks displays, tiny from the distance but still beautiful and quite mysterious. The night was so still I could hear the fireworks across the water, like distant thunder. I was almost eaten alive by mosquitos but it was worth it!
An auction sale on Tuesday night yielded four boxes of pretty antique linens and a box of Victorian white clothing. I'll sort them later today but the laundering will have to wait until after the show. There are some nice monogrammed pieces.

Some birchbark owls:

Some very fat round owls: