Thursday, July 30, 2009

More From The Garden

Maia with her paintings (I lucked out and got one before they were all gone!)
Lovely Diana (check out her blog Her Wings)...
And some of her perky, saucy dolls.
An amazing crab flower spider. Did you know they change their color over a few days to match whatever flower they are living on? On goldenrod they are yellow and white.
Love this pic that Veronica took...with Jennifer reflected in the mirror, and two of the kids considering beads.
Hollyhocks and re-purposed church organ pipes.
One of Kathryn's whimsies...a giant bird filled with recycled light bulbs.
Branch totems.
A nearly headless guy!
Charlie making the acquaintance of the wonderful sculptural felted Black Cat that Maia made, just for me!

More tomorrow, until then, sweet dreams!

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