Sunday, August 2, 2009

More From the Garden Show

The "Orphanage"!
Satake twisties for demos:
One of Diana's delightful cushions! There was a nekkid lady under those buttons!
We had a lovely, relaxing dinner at Veronica's on Saturday which gave us all a chance to catch up and visit a bit. I had brought The Big Necklace to show it and it made the rounds for try-ons.

Anne, looking rather impish as she contemplated how best to slip it into her pocket...
Carol, enjoying the armoured qualities!
Veronica, trying to decide where on the wall she would hang it...
And Diana, dazzled by the bright lights of the paparazzi!
I always regret coming away from Veronica's house, not just because we are leaving, but because I've never managed to take the hundreds of photographs it would take to show you her amazing house. It's a tiny post-war bungalow, stuffed full of art (her own and that of many others) in every format, as well as miniatures, vintage treasures, chintz china, wonderful textiles, delightful little vignettes, found objects not limited to heart shaped stones, driftwood, bones, and odds of ends of all kinds. There is a stuffed owl in the sitting room, and the studio is crammed with objects of whimsy and inspiration. Everything is arranged and displayed with a great deal of thought, nothing is jumbled and it does not feel the least bit cluttered. It's a peaceful place full of fascinating things at every turn.
Next time I will take pictures. The time spent there seems to go so fast it's a blur!
We met up with Christopher and Visnja for dinner on Sunday. Christopher and I go back to the dawn of time (cough) so it was great to see him again, and to meet Visnja...who we loved! They helped us pack up and load our vehicles, as did the home school kid crowd, and we were packed so quickly and neatly that I was flabbergasted! Christopher told me that what I was experiencing was the joy of roadies and all I can say is, bring on the roadies! They rocked!!! We even packed in my log!!
To be Continued...


Diana Cohen said...

I'm gonna beat you to the photo taking.

Cris Leonard said...

The necklace looks lovely on these ladies, but I still think it looked best on Paul.