Sunday, August 2, 2009

Log, Log, Log, Log!!!!

I've been wanting a log, and the universe (in the form of Dwight) provided! I wanted it for a hammering stand, a super solid heavy base for my anvil and dapping set and vise. Dwight had a cherry tree on his property in the country that needed to be cut, so I now have a splendid piece of freshly cut-to-order Bing Cherry. The perfect height for comfortable forging and dapping, so solid that it weighs more than I do, and it's also beautiful, and smells good!!

I just love it! And yes, my anvil is pink. Ya gotta problem with dat?
Thanks Dwight!!

See you tomorrow when I will blog about the great vintage tablecloths-to clothing escapade of July 2009!!

1 comment:

Cris Leonard said...

Of course your anvil is pink, what else would it be?