Friday, August 28, 2009


We are back to the lake tonight, THANK GOODNESS, as this week has been filled with doctor appointments and driving lessons and organizing details and phone calls and emails and papers, and being puzzled about things, and waiting for long periods of valuable time. Thank goodness for knitting, which keeps me sane in such situations.
I do appreciate our health care system for it's many good qualities, but waiting over 2 (TWO) hours for a 15 minute appointment (albeit valued and helpful) is fecking ridiculous.
On the bright side, we went to see Julie and Julia last night, and enjoyed it, though the Julie character is a pill. We couldn't decide if it was a badly written character or if it was the annoying mannerisms of the actor...either way I frequently wished I could give her a good smack. Streep, however, was enchanting as always. Now So wants to get out her M.T.A.O.F.C and make Bouef Bourguinon. Bring it on and Bon Appetit, I say!

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