Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello! I haven't posted much lately, I know. I have been working hard though, making beads and vessels and playing with enamel, and ebaying, and taking driving lessons.
It's always hard to know how "personal" a blog should be. How much of my thoughts and feelings should I share? Should I blog about difficulties in my life, as well as about good things? It's a difficult balance to achieve.
We've both had a difficult summer health-wise. We are doing our very best to remain optimistic, and love each other deeply, and to enjoy, and to live in the moment.
And in the meantime there are jobs to be done, and all the everyday details of life. The trivia, the little crap that I worry about needlessly. Everything is thrown into it's proper perspective when faced with the prospect of loss.

Last weekend was the local "Art in the Park" show. I have never done this show before though we have attended it to look around a few times. It has a nice mix of artists and artisans. The day was a beautiful, warm, sunny Ontario late-summer day, and there is nothing more pleasant than a late-summer day here! People were out in full force to enjoy it! Sales were okay, not spectacular, but in these days every sale is an appreciated sale. Plus, we handed out a huge number of flyers for the upcoming artist's studio tour. I wasn't told until almost the end of the show that "advertising" was a no-no. Oops. I honestly had no idea. I was sorry to have broken a rule but glad I wasn't told until late in the day!!
We had lots of nice people stop by and lots of little ones who designed their own bracelets from the kidbeads bowl. It's quite fun to watch them choose. Some take forever, some pick the first three they see. Some of the color combos are...innovative!
I'm still loving our little tent. Here is my little set-up:

This weekend (if the gods are willing) I'll be selling at the Bead Oasis show in Toronto. I am so glad we are back in the regular space...last years space was such a bad choice for both the sellers and the buyers. This year we are again just steps from outside and nice and easy for our beloved customers to find us. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and eating some delicious Indian food.
Another thing I'm looking forward to is the day when all the earth-moving machines go away! Yes, there is a constant rumble, thump and beep-beep-beep right outside. Not only are our neighbours expanding their garage into a 3-bay extravaganza, the sewer pipes on our street are being replaced. I long for a bubble of silence! When they shut down for the day even the trees breath a sigh of relief.

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