Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Puttering Along

Some seascape beads:

Just a quick update! I am working away, preparing for the show next weekend. Finishing up bracelets, admiring the 60 pairs of earrings I have ready, working on a few enamel projects. Yesterdays did NOT turn out, hopefully today's will be better.
The sweet peas and the miniature roses are blooming. One thing about gardening in a cool climate is that the old fashioned, sweet scented English flowers thrive for us. The sweet peas and heliotrope are heavenly.
My family visited on the weekend and there were a few great beach finds. Major Destruction found the coolest piece ever, the neck of a Victorian medicine bottle, a narrow tube of frosty aqua glass. Many trades were proposed, but all were declined! Er found a cats-eye marble, all tumbled by the waves, and I found a bit of brown transfer ware china.
On Saturday I made a point of popping out to the edge of the yard at dusk...where the view across the lake is of miles and miles of the US shoreline in the distance. I watched at least 20 simultaneous fireworks displays, tiny from the distance but still beautiful and quite mysterious. The night was so still I could hear the fireworks across the water, like distant thunder. I was almost eaten alive by mosquitos but it was worth it!
An auction sale on Tuesday night yielded four boxes of pretty antique linens and a box of Victorian white clothing. I'll sort them later today but the laundering will have to wait until after the show. There are some nice monogrammed pieces.

Some birchbark owls:

Some very fat round owls:


Cris Leonard said...

Hey girl! Where'd you go?

Karen Elmquist said...

I'm update pending. So busy! Love you!