Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hats and ebay and other stuff

It's hat week at miss-spider's web, my little corner of the big giant world known as eBay. Say what you like about eBay, there's nothing like being able to access a world-wide market for a few dollars in fees. Yet there is constant bitching and moaning by so many sellers who seem to lose sight of what they are getting for their fees. Enough of that. Despite it's flaws and the occasional negative-leaving fruitcake (mmm, so not tasty!) I still enjoy the eBay experience. It certainly has allowed me to sell my vintage oddments and my beads without being tied down to a vintage store. 14 years of doing that for someone else taught me a lot, especially that I didn't want to do it any more. Yes Ebay does have rules, but it's their sandbox and if I want to play in it, that's the way it goes. Since I don't want to sell Nazi memorabilia, guns, porn or lawn darts, I'm mostly okay with their rules. Not so fussy about the feedback changes though so I may be eating my words in May. Lets be optimistic though. Most customers are great.

The charming Emilie has worked hard modeling hats this week. Whenever she does I get inquiries as to whether she's for sale (she's not). I've also had complaints about using "such a creepy model". And one guy who thought she was real and wanted to know if she was single.
I'll have to ask her!

Reading: Point of Purchase; How Shopping Changed American Culture

Listening: "Mothership"; Led Zeppelin, and "Orient-Occident"; Jordi Savall and Hesperion XXI

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