Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Mish Mash of Stuff

Sorry for a week of silence...I was exceptionally tired and busy all week. I'm perking up now, but I certainly dragged my butt around for a few days! This short post will feature no thematic coherence, just some random burbling. You have been warned.

This blog features some entertaining Hallowe'en cakes...this one is my favorite. Some of them are not quite, um, appetizing!

This one would go very well with my very swanky new Dias de los Muertos jammies, covered with calaveras de azĂșcar! (Cake? or Death?)

Anthropologie has such a pretty website! I'm looking forward to a good browse when we're in Miami. I wish they had a store in Canada. These ridiculously expensive boots keep calling my name. NO! I do not need you, boots. I can only wear warm, clunky, snow-and-salt-proof Canadian winter boots. Leave me alone!

Fall has certainly settled in...we had a brief show here of glorious color, but the wind has taken most of it and the cat is driven wild by all the blowing leaves. She really wants to come outside with me but is quite disgusted by how cold it is, and is quite uninhibited about letting me know. she definitely has a Siamese ancestor or two. She is exceedingly vigilant where possible mouses are concerned:

We had some heavenly WARM weather last weekend, though, so I spent hours outside taking ebay pictures. This cicada dropped by for a visit, there were several buzzing in the big pine tree, deluded into thinking it was summer again. This one was quite calm, with a face that reminded me of a pug dog! It started to get a little TOO friendly and we had to part. Big bug in the hand: ok, big bug walking up my arm: not so much.

Alison Bechdel's new book should be in stores for Christmas, we might get our copy a bit earlier due to the Daily Distress contribution. It will be great to have all her cartoons in one volume. I love the color cover on this one! And incidentally, AB has truly beautiful hands. I'm just sayin'...

I finished a number of metal clay pieces this weekend. I'm pleased with one pendant, and I'm also pleased that as I continue to make the corset rings they are growing more refined, without losing their essential "handmade-ness".

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