Monday, December 21, 2009


My favorite picture of our backyard meadow, taken several years ago.

Happy Solstice!

I am indeed alive and kickin'.

I have been selective about sharing aspects of my life, out of concern for privacy, concern for the tedium of reading about the illnesses or difficulties of others. I long to present an untroubled facade, so when that seems impossible, I retreat. Yet "troubles shared are troubles halved", isn't that how the old saying goes?

I bless our health care system, flawed though it may be, that allowed So to have some very complex tests done. We don't have all the answers but she is 1/ out of the hospital and 2/ able to work, for which we are very grateful.

The search for the right medication to correct my brain chemistry imbalance continues...the latest one makes my hands shake, whenever I am at the torch and working on super precise placement of a dot or stringer...The more precise I tried to be the worse the tremor would become. My Dr called it an "intention tremor". Incredibly frustrating! Since it wasn't particularly helping anyhow, we are phasing that one out.

I deeply admire Heather B. Armstrong's openness in discussing her depression and how she handled it. She's a role model for positive thinking, great blogging, and most important, creative use of swearing.

We had a lovely vacation on Fhloston Paradise. It went something like this:
Breakfast, rest, lunch, nap, snacks, hot tub, dinner, sleep. With the odd onshore excursion and swim thrown in, it was very restful. We met some really nice women from Florida and had dinner with them a few times, which was really quite fun.
And before I could turn around, it's the solstice. I'm amazed that the turn of the year is here so quickly. It doesn't feel wintery yet, probably because we've had very little snow yet (unlike in these pictures). We had roses and pansies and stocks blooming until well into December.
Tonight we will put out figs and hazlenuts and apples for the animals, and light candles, and celebrate light. Love to you all.

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