Thursday, July 8, 2010

Further Experiments in Glass Casting

Molds made of jewellers investment. The fluted ones were poured into silicone muffin cups, reusable and easy to remove. I used fresh leaves, and hand molded sacred hearts made of polymer clay.

The molds look so pure and smooth and lovely! As an experiment, I tried lampworking some glass into approximately the correct shape and size. Some leaves are filled with green and clear frit.
Ready to go into the kiln:
And out of the kiln. Note that one mold broke as I took it out of the kiln, they are very fragile after they've been fired and can be used only once. Some glass flowed well, some didn't seem to get quite enough heat to make it flow flat, and it bunched up on itself instead.

With the molds removed:
Unfortunately the white sacred heart reminds me of a chicken,
Scrubbed clean:

I am liking how these look very much, continued experimentation will follow.


Veronica said...

You can always bring laughter into my day.........poor little sacred heart chicken.
And......where is all of this energy coming from in this intense heat? Oh, right, your song is on constant play isn't it ! That's the secret, we all need our own song !
Well done Karen, you are producing some terrific work usual.
See you soon!
Love, V.

alyson2604 said...

wow, i love these ones, too. Hey, do you ever make glass beads that look like those renaissance pomegranites that you used to draw?? i loved those pictures of pomegranites!!!