Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Beachwalk of 2011

I just returned from my first beach walk of 2011. The ice finally was gone on Sunday and we could hear waves on the shore for the first time since November! It was great to get back onto the sand. Very cold though...I ate my lunch on the porch today, but needed my parka on the beach, because of the icy air coming off the barely thawed water. The beach itself was so interesting to explore again. Oddly the water is low this spring, so the beach is very wide right now. This could change at any time, one fierce storm and everything can be different. Lots of wood on the beach, from tiny driftwood bits to huge logs...logs so huge I wouldn't be able to get my arms around them. These are pushed up not by the waves, but by the massive ice formations that form over the winter. Same with the big chunks of sandstone I saw, driven up by the ice. I love the driftwood logs. I wish I could bring them home with me but they are too heavy, which is just as well, because we would have a yard full of logs. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Over the summer they will mostly end up as beach bonfire wood. I found some nice pieces of glass. I've decided to put all the glass I find this spring into a box and bring it to Bead and Button to share. If you want some let me know so you can be in on the picking!


Amy Waldman-Smith said...

I definately want a piece. I love roaming the beach collecting treasures. I get especially excited about bits of pottery and, of course, glass.

Cris Leonard said...

I wish I'd been there to pick the beach with you.

ravi said...

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