Thursday, July 26, 2012

In A Garden

In A Garden is a lovely artisan show and sale held in the village of Welcome in Northumberland County. It's hosted by Kathryn McHolm, an artist, conservationist and avid gardener. I was a vendor there last weekend.

Thank goodness for a shade tent, it was really hot. REALLY hot!

The garden is very natural with many native Canadian plants to attract butterflies and wildlife.

My friend's booth, fibre artist Veronica Derry. She turned around just as I took the picture!

The house dates from the 1840's.

Spectacular garden sculpture by Amy Quinn.

And wonderful pottery by Karen Franzen.

In the entry to the barn, interesting things and some of Kathryn's watercolors.

More watercolors, as well as soaps and candles made with lavender and beeswax, by Jane Weeks. It smelled heavenly in here.

I wish I could have photographed everyone's space because all of the work was great. Here's our group photo, and I think we look fairly lively after having stood in 95 degree weather all day! It was a lovely show and one I always enjoy doing.

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Kelly Smith said...

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