Friday, May 15, 2009

Ebay goodies to be listed on Sunday PM:

The BEST c1960's Hawaiian in front and muu-muu-ish in back! I love this and it looks GREAT on, but since we don't have many patio parties or luaus, someone else must give it a home!

1970s Boho hippie princess dress...I would have killed for this when I was 14...

Great early example of a Mexican souvenir jacket. Really great appliques and embroidery. I love the fried egg floating in the sky! (yes, I know it's s'posed to be the sun!)

Struggling with the notorious Mexican anti-gravity donkey:

Delightful party dress c.1960, black velvety flocking on sheer white, adorned with multi-colored glittery sparkles. Who doesn't love a glittery sparkle? You know you do.
A shapely silk jacket c.1950, beautifully constructed.

A fun 1950's circle skirt with a great grapevine print:

A most elegant gown c.1940, sublime soft ivory pure silk satin-back crepe. Wonderful drape and a wearable size!

c.1960's emerald brocade party dress...with could stand up on it's own!
And many, many more goodies!

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