Thursday, May 21, 2009

MOO Review

My Moo mini cards arrived today and I am VERY pleased with the quality. The color printing is rich and beautiful and the colors are accurate. The finish of the cards is ever so slightly matte and the paper is thick and sturdy.
I'm glad I added the $5.00 case to the order, the cards wouldn't fit so nicely in my regular card case.
It was so fun to pick and choose my images!
I'm very impressed with the high quality, reasonable price for a novelty item, and the fast service! I highly recommend them.
My sticker books are on their way from the UK, I'll post about them when I receive them.


Veronica said...

Beautiful pendant in the last post (I"m a bit behind !)and the ring is amazing ! The squirels very cute ! ...beware becoming too friendly with them or Valentine will disown you.........and the moo cards are such fun. Will you take them with to the upcoming bead week? Stickers? OF beads? How great is that !

stacey Peterson said...

I just got Moo cards too Karen! Great minds...yadda yadda, blah blah! Can't wait to see yours.