Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carrying On

I'm finding that even in times of stress I'm managing to carry on with the little things. Today I cleared out my web storage (1600 files pared down to just over 200), and added new items to my ebay and etsy stores, and organized linens and hankies, and sorted the studio tour signs, and put beads away in their little storage boxes. Answered emails, sorted a few papers, listened to the CBC all day to distract the chatter in my mind.

My patient is sleeping well, and taking her meds, and resting and eating, though I am always going "Mangia, mangia!" She lost 10 pounds in about 10 days. She needs steaks and avacados and ice cream and home made soup.

Tomorrow, I'll water the plants and do laundry and sweep the studio and marvel at the gradual, wonderful possibility of normalcy.

Simple comfort: Valentine cuddles up to a disgusting but much loved catnip toy, affectionately known as "Purple Sausage".

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