Monday, November 16, 2009

Dream Of A Vintage Clothing Lover

I have recurring dreams of finding an amazing yard sale or a great thrift store with so much good stuff I can't carry it all, and I keep finding more, and more and there's no one else shopping, and it's such a great and vivid dream. But then I wake up.
(Sometimes my unconscious mind gets mixed up and I'm on the beach finding really great stuff, and once I dreamed that I fell into an attic full of vintage clothing which was somehow under a path in the park(?)
On Friday I decided on a whim to go to a thrift I hadn't been to in a while. I had some time to kill. In the lingerie aisle I found the most exquisite, glorious 1930's FRENCH lingerie...first a slip, then a bedjacket, and another slip, and another bedjacket, then a nightgown, and then two MORE nightgowns each with a matching bedjacket.

The softest, glossiest bias-cut silk.
Peach, aqua, pale blue, candlelight ivory.
Most of the seams hand sewn.
Incredible, lush, lavish cream and ecru lace, with the raised cordonnets so popular in the 30's.
Amazing little details, like appliqued flowers, and monograms, and tiny hand sewn pintucks and shirring.
Most of the pieces look as though they were never worn.

There was squealing, and grinning! Not quite as much stuff as I find in those dreams, but real stuff is definitely more fun than dream stuff!

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Corrie said...

What a lovely waking dream!! These are glorious treasures! Thanks for sharing their beauty!