Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Loveliest Place

I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful place, in a beautiful country in this beautiful world. In this lovely summer weather I do a lot of my work outside, especially on pleasant cool days like today. What could be better than working to a backdrop of such loveliness, with a chorus of birdsong and waves? The deck is like an extra room, I take photographs, knit, and clean beads, we eat meals, sometimes I'll even iron linens or steam clothing out there. Sometimes I bring out the radio, but not often, the outdoor sounds are so relaxing.

Such a beautiful view. Only a small section of this yard is cut, the rest is wild, right down to the shore, and packed full of wild strawberries, briar roses, Queen Anne's lace, clover, daisies and asters, goldenrod, milkweed, hawthorn, mice, butterflies, bunnies and dozens of types of birds. And fireflies, they are wonderful beyond belief this year.
The potted flowers are flourishing. (My nephew used to call these "Auntie's pot plants").
On old scavenged yard sale benches.
A splendid 2-story log dragged from the beach, makes an ideal perch for a variety of birds.
Flora will be wearing a morning glory garment soon.
Looking back from the end of the deck.
I painted all the flower stands and chairs this year so everything is proudly white and crisp. I got a fair amount of paint on myself as well so for a while I was all white and crisp too. I adore the fanciness of the fuschia flowers.
Junk from the beach. Rusty springs and loops of wire, roots, weathered wood.


Cris Leonard said...

Karen! I have those exact wicker plant stands!

Rebecca said...

What a glorious place to live! I love these pictures; they're just beautiful.