Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Very Great Hotel!

I stayed in a superior hotel for Bead and Button, it had some excellent features. I couldn't help bragging about them to my friends.
I had a:
Chaise longue
A dish of candy on my coffee table
A goldfish bowl in the lobby, with goldfish
A Bible AND a Book of Mormon
Bunk beds
Pez dispensers
A harpist to lull me to sleep
Free breakfast
Possibly unicorns (Paul stated he could believe the unicorns but not the free beer)
Time travel
Matthew Fox AND Anderson Cooper AND Russel Crowe
Peanut M&M's


Cris Leonard said...

Wow. With all that stuff going on at your hotel, I hope you were safe.

Gail said...

MMMMM Peanut M&M's!!!