Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost ready!

A fun little Knobbly ring, fine silver, copper, my lampwork.

I'm almost ready for the Bead Oasis show this weekend. Not completely ready, but almost. I always seem to get ideas at the last moment when I'm out of time, but that's what notebooks are for, right?
The studio has gone from tidy, spider free and almost ready for the studio tour, to a place of complete chaos festooned with spiders and piles of stuff! The studio is in the garage so spiders are to be expected but they have really outdone themselves this year. However I have lots of time after the show to return the space to it's usual only-kinda-messy appearance. It is a workspace, after all. It may not be a polished space full of chrome and glass and bleached wood, but it's...interesting!
My friend Veronica was on the Northumberland studio tour this past weekend and had a really great response to her work. She and a friend moved practically everything in her small but amazing house to turn the upstairs into a gallery space, the studio (fascinating, I could spend hours looking at it) is downstairs. I am SO glad it went so well! Congratulations Veronica!
I'm very much looking forward to Wednesday...something I've been wanting to do for a will be documented, stay tuned!

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