Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toronto Bead Oasis Show

The CN Tower from the very bottom. I haven't been up in years. It's tall.

MMMmmmm, this one is for Chris...yummy gulab jammun and carrot halvah which he wouldn't even try!
Amazing colors and sparkle in a Sari shop. Toronto has a fabulous "Little India". I love it. I wish I could eat there every day. Wearing these clothes.

A steel fish swimming in a concrete river labyrinth, municipal art in the York street underpass.

Fellow lampworkers at the Oasis Show, captured in their temporary habitats! A wonderful group of friendly, supportive, creative and talented people!Fran Davis of Dragonfire Studio, came all the way from Alberta!

Sue Wise of Wise Beads

The fabulous Lezlie of my teachers. I took a two week class with her a few years back and we had a blast!

Amy Waldman-Smith, beadmaker, teacher AND Regional Director for Canada of the ISBG

Susan Stortini Glass Arts and Jewellery

Erin Maloney of AirWynn Glass Designs
Hey! That's me!
The show was fun, though we were in a different location which was *not great*. Thankfully we will be in our old location next time. The customers were buying, but we missed out on our usual foot traffic and impulse drop-ins.

I enjoyed lots of chatting and visiting, picked up some new colors of glass (thanks to Carolyn for pointing out the good ones!) and some silver spacers at a good price. There were lots of beautiful pearls and gemstones, including more sapphires which I visited and fondled but resisted!

Here are a few pictures of my little set-up, a little corner of home!

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J. said...

WOW!!!! Wish I could have come! Your set up looks fantastic!