Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The NEW New Clay!!!!

I've been rather envious of fellow artisans who are trying out the new, new bronze metal clay. The internet is abuzz with talk, experiments and evaluations of this new medium, which has tremendous potential. It's different from silver clay in many ways and it will have a learning curve, but the pieces I have seen are really gorgeous! Weighty and ancient looking.
I felt that I just have a bit too much going on right now take time to experiment with it, because I know if I have some I would want to play with it to the exclusion of anything else. Still, I was feeling a lot of clay imagine my delight when I discovered this new NEW clay!

This has just been released so I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it. I may be one of the first people to try it out. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it!

Within the familiar packaging is a nice amount of clay. It doesn't stick as much as the silver clay, and doesn't require any oiling as it comes with it's own integral non-stick oiling.

It is rather less amenable to texturing than silver clay. I have heard it comes in two textures, "Smooth" and "Crunchy". This is the crunchy version, with built in texture, which will be a real time saver.

I found it to be very malleable, forgiving and soft to work with. It doesn't dry out quickly, in fact, it doesn't dry out at all.
Torch firing is an option for this as the particles don't need much heat to sinter perfectly. And instead of toxic fumes of any kind, it releases a nice toasty odor! Completely safe!
Before firing:
After firing: As you can see there was no shrinkage and no loss of the fine texture. One issue, however, is that it doesn't take a patina very well. I tried it in liver of sulpher and it simply dissolved. This will require further experimentation.
Finished pieces, one with some lampwork glass.
Well, after this exciting experimentation I felt a little hungry...I wasn't entirely happy with some of these pieces, so I ate them on toast. Can't do that with most clays!

Of course you know I'm just teasing! I love the bronze clay pieces you all are producing! ANd in January, when I am suffering from cabin fever, I'll be trying it out too!

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