Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cat Thinking

What do you suppose goes on in their wee brains? I certainly am puzzled by the kitty a good deal of the time. In town, she refuses to drink out of a bowl. She has a glass. On the bathroom floor. But lately, she has not been pleased by the placement of her glass. She moves it with her paw into the middle of the bathroom. Not the best spot for it to be in the middle of the night. I have watched her do it! (And I've had to HIDE the vintage bunny that has held my q-tips since forever, because the q-tips were being float in the water)(I couldn't make this up!)
At the lake, she will drink out of a bowl (or the water I'm soaking beads which are still on mandrels is even better). But lately, here, too, the placement of the bowl is unsatisfactory. She patiently pats and pushes it with those fuzzy little paws until it's in the center of the kitchen floor. This is not really convenient, but this isn't terribly important to cats! And the latest addition is a garnish. Placed there deliberately! Wouldn't you love to know what the heck she's thinking? I know I would!

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Cris Leonard said...

Max used to put toy mice in his food dish. I never knew if this was random cat thoughts or an expression of displeasure with his cat food!