Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Looking, Thanks!

I'm trying to be in a non-spending mode, which is difficult, being in the business of buying and selling vintage and antique stuff. But it's always pleasant to do a little cyberspace window shopping when I have a bit of free time. It costs nothing and often sparks ideas for me to look at some of the fascinating shopable sites out there. Here are some of my favorites.

Exotic India offers a custom tailoring service for Salwar Kameeze suits that fit perfectly. I love the ones I had made for me. Beautiful textiles to choose from and they even ship for free from India!

Floracopeia sells the most rare and unique essential oils, attars and perfumes. Nothing commercial or mass produced here, just wonderful things from around the world.

papier valise is a Canadian website offering all sorts of delightful little things for jewelry making and mixed media creations.

Lush is a store that can be detected halfway down the street...redolent of patchouli, fruit, flowers and spices! Handmade cosmetics and skincare, yummy, yummy, yummy! MANY vegan options.

Karen Augusta Antique Lace & Fashion : superb vintage textiles and clothing, the kind that simply don't come along very often any more.

Tribal Eye carries fascinating old ornaments from around the globe, described with a deep affection for the objects and what they symbolize. I can look at this site for hours!

Reprodepot Fabrics is a fun site to browse for great, hard to find fabrics inspired by the past, especially the 1960's. Stock changes frequently.

Anne Choi makes some of the most enchanting silver beads ever!

Anthropologie for whimsical, arty, creative (and quite spendy) clothing and housewares.

Vosges for "haute" chocolate in the most exotic flavors.

Laduree Paris, sublime pastries which are a pleasure just to look at (though I'm sure they taste heavenly too!)


Gail said...

I stopped at Laduree when we were in Paris. Wonderful Wonderful and Wondeful. But expensive

Karen Elmquist said...

I was HOPING you went!!! What did you have????? I want to eat it vicariously! C'mon, spill!!!