Saturday, January 10, 2009

The January Blues

(to the tune of any blues song...)

Oh January, baby,
Why you come around again each year?
Baby, don't you know by now
that I don't want you here?

Oh January, baby
Why you hangin round my door?
Makin icy little puddles
of melted snow upon my floor?

Every year I cry and ask ya
Please go back up to Alaska
And take February with you
And stick it in an igloo
And don't come back next year,
cause I still won't want you here
I got those January blues....


Kyla said...

Ok, I'm pretty sure I know a guy in Saskatchewan who would record that. Can he?

Karen Elmquist said...

Sure!! That would be pretty funny, wouldn't it?

Cris Leonard said...

One thing about the January blues, is that February always comes and blows them away.