Friday, February 20, 2009

Behind The Wheel

Can you even believe it??? We went out on Sunday and I drove 50 kilometers. I'm not exactly relaxed yet while driving, but I'm doing it. The van is still wearing it's winter coat of road dust and salt.
The birds are starting to even though there is still a lot of snow, I know spring is approaching. The cardinals are starting to sing their courting songs, they are fairly silent all winter and I'm so happy to hear them! Though I won't be so happy in 2 months or so when they start singing in the pine tree outside the bedroom window at about 4:00am!


Hoardmeister said...

Congratulations, dahling! Conquering your fears is to be commended. (I actually have a limo and driver, but I would learn to drive if I absolutely had to. At least I believe so.) Ciao!

Kyla said...

Excellent work Grasshopper.