Friday, February 20, 2009

Test Face

Testing, 1...2... Test, test...
Murrine work is slooooow. I have finished a test face which is useful as I can see what changes I want to make before proceeding with another.

Sketches, hand blended color, component pieces:
Hand blended color:
A big kiss!
Face cane:
Work is needed! But I learned a LOT, SO glad I did a test run. I definately want the hair much lighter, and better shading on the side of the face. Nose needs to be re-done. (for the third time, noses give me a hard time). I want the eyes bigger and the eyebrows shorter.
Practice, practice, practice. And lots of learning each and every time!
On the "bright" side, I have a large quantity of a face I am really not so fussy for! Oh well, it's just glass, right?

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