Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Still snowy and cold. The snow is so beautiful on a sunny day, but when it is grey out, it's a little dreary. We've had some amazing winds off of the lake, there are drifts of beach sand in the meadow, blown up the hill, and there is even sand on the driveway in front of the house. Now that's wind!

I'm still playing with pods and pods and pods, I just can't stop making them and trying different color combinations. Lovely Jean at Nortel sent me samples of a few new colors to try. The odd lots are so interesting but it's important not to fall too deeply in love with them, for sometimes they are never, ever made again and then I'm left pining hopelessly for some more of that weird olive green or obscure streaky brown! It's been stretchy and good to work with colors I don't usually play with. My Rubino d'Oro (beautiful cranberry pink glass) feels very neglected!

A box of juicy pods and one annoyed owl.

Gorgeous opal lavender glass with metallic black:
Silly fun with a popped hollow. When your hollow bead pops, slap eyes on it and play!
The silly Heimlich maneuver pendant, barfing beads.

So and I sorted through several long term collections last week. She decided to sell a lot of antiques and memorabilia that she had acquired over the last 15 years or so. It was a big job but fun, and left us with extra space and a nice bit of cash. I spent a bit of time going through the accumulated vintage postcards...sometimes to get one military card she would end up with a lot of others which just all ended up in a box. Many were just pretty Victorian pieces, but there were a few 50s and 60s ones too. I thought these were particularly interesting.
This is the "Charcoal Steak House" in Kingston, Ontario. The back of the postcard says it's famous for "Steaks-Barbecue Ribs and Pig Tails". Doesn't it look warm and welcoming?
"You come in, yes? You eat the pig tails, and your soul will belong to usssss....."
Here we have "Hedges Wigwam", in Royal Oak, Michigan. It's very, um, woody.
VERY woody. Everything is made of wood, wood chairs, wood tables, wood rugs, and yes, those teepee lamps are made of wood!
I get the feeling that the plates and cutlery were also probably made of wood. Heck, even the STEAKS might have been made of wood.
Now I wish I'd saved more of the hotel ones, because some of them were really funny. Taste in hotels has certainly changed over the years.

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