Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beads, What Else??

Just to be sure I can still make a bead that isn't a owl hiding in a hollow "tree":

And now back to your regularly scheduled pods...."Feed me Seymour!"
Feed me aaaallll night long!
Quite long feathery petal-pods, these are made with only ONE color of glass:
Very yummy and texture-y!

Alien flowers perhaps grown from alien pods?
I am loving these ones with Dichro inside! They glow!


And that's some of what I've been doing!

Driving practice is going really well. I will be taking a course but So is a wonderful teacher (seriously she could do it for a living I am sure). Just for fun we listened to Bob Newharts classic, The Driving Instructor. I couldn't find it on Youtube so I bought it on was 99 cents well spent, we thought.

I couldn't figure out why I was feeling achy after practicing until I realized that I was doing a kind of whole-body driving thing...steering with my butt, as well as with the steering wheel, also braking with my butt, and sitting up so perfectly straight that I looked like a Marine on dress parade. I will need to work on a more relaxed driving position!!!! Perhaps there should be a new-drivers yoga?

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