Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Prickly Bush

"O the prickly bush
It pricked my heart full sore
If I ever get out of the prickly bush
I'll never get in it any more!"

Here is one of my absolute favorite trees, I've always felt that if I were to live in a tree I would want a good thorny one, like this. Hell, there are days when I can clearly visualize my state of mind as being much like this! But only now and then, I promise!
Really a great tree!
I did in fact get out of one of my own prickly bushes today, which marked the end of a drawn out ordeal, it's done, finished, complete. I wish I could feel more proud of the accomplishment but I'm just worn out by it and glad it's done. Tomorrow I will celebrate the victory with So, but today I treated myself to a celebratory cupcake!

Yes, London now has it's very own cupcake cafe. How can you not love a cupcake? It's small, it's sweet, it's relatively guilt free and even the name is fun to say! Cupcake cupcake cupcake! Try it!
If you're in the London area and feel the urge upon you, you can check them out. Sweet Cakes , in the beautiful Covent garden Market. Yummy!

At the lake, I played with the mantel for spring. This weekend I'll cut some forsythia to force. I wish forsythia came in other colors, whoever developed a pink or a white forsythia would make a fortune!

Another miniature paperweight. I confess, it's just a short step into the world of marbles now! I've given in, I ordered a Stump sucker and a 6-size marble mold today. The tool urge, it never ends. Just keep me away from the Fretz hammers...

And finally a teaser of a piece in progress:

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