Friday, March 6, 2009

Miniature Paperweight and Crazy 60's Cake Decorations

How's that for a unique combination??
Last night I tried my first miniature paperweight. Not perfect, but it was fun and certainly much easier than a full sized one. I don't have a mini Stump-sucker but it's on my shopping list, it will allow for more dimensional set-ups. In the meantime I'll practice this way...really, much like making a button, but instead of adding a shank, I simply added more clear to the bottom, burned off the top punty, and did the final rounding the usual way but making more of a curve...almost a marble! I just popped it right into the kiln with the lower punty right on it, snipped it off in the morning and ground the bottom flat. Voila!

I photographed these for ebay today, truly the most amusing cake decorations I've ever seen. They date from the 1960s and were made in Hong Kong for the Wilton company. I think they are quite demented. If I was talented that way, I would make a stop action film with them, I am sure they would get up to all kinds of no-good!

When you're a Jet, You're a Jet all the way From your first cigarette To your last dyin' day. When you're a Jet, If the spit hits the fan, You got brothers around, You're a family man!

I like to be in America! O.K. by me in America! Ev'rything free in America For a small fee in America!

Some kind of fancy-butt dance going on here....

Unfortunately there are only three of these miniature Stepford Wives fashion-zombie cake decos, How I wish there are more. Yellow gal in the middle there looks as though she has hit the Valium already, probably with her orange juice in the morning. Pink woman looks as though she is coming on to the milkman, and red lady? Is that a large gin bottle?

It's a GOOD thing to be easily amused!!

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