Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Internet Radio

Yes, I am alive. Some days I just got nothin to say!

Blather of the day:
I love the radio feature of iTunes. It's easy. It's free. There are lots of really great radio stations. And there are some very, um, odd ones. Now I can't say I'e had time to listen to all of these, so maybe some of them are excellent. Some of these I'll try out, some just gave me a giggle.

At, you can listen to "French songs since the 1890's of the dead artists".
DEEGAY Classic features "The Songs Who Gay People Love-Italy".
Digdheadradio has, what else..."A non-stop playlist of music featuring the digeridoo".
Grimeonline is the "world's first internet station dedicated to grime music". Should I know what that is? , all Hawaiian music. How can you not love this?? I actually quite like this one! "The Persian Dance Party-The hottest DJ mixes of your favorite Persian dance hits"...huh? Dour regime + dance party? Does...not...compute...the music is great though.
How about a little "Crime Time" : "Old time radio featuring Detectives, Cops& Robbers, Murder & Mayhem, Guns & Ghouls, Danger & Dames!". They talk funny.
There is an entire section of "just holiday" music in case you get a hankerin' for some Frosty the Snowman in April.
The "Golden Oldies" section is fun...lots of bachelor pad and lounge, think Esquivel! Zoom! Zow!
Though "Malt Shop Memories" is the goofiest ever name for a radio station. I'm listening to Balinese Bongos" right now!
Go listen to something. Let me know what you find.

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