Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mixed Bag

Truly, life is a mixed bag! Be ready, because stuff gets thrown at you whether you are prepared or not. Stuff like this POD DRESS!

I don't know whether to giggle hysterically or run out to the studio and make a bead that looks just like this! Cris, Gail, Stacey, shouldn't we each have one of these beauties? Different colors, of course. Maybe we could wear them with different colored shoes.
Now this just makes me smile with podular delight:

On a fun note, I've started a series of mixed media pendants. This one includes copper, sterling and fine silver, and a great 3-D Indian holy card. The front has a pink Prisma patina, the back has a heat patina, both sealed for their protection with a dainty spritz of spray sealer. The next ones will have pieces of Victorian postcards under mica. Fun! I wish I could be in the studio every minute. Right now I have more ideas than time so I am being careful to make sketches. ..otherwise, I forget stuff!

I was looking at the Bead and Button show website and was stunned to see that the classes start in 52 days! They have a countdown! I'm looking forward to it, to seeing some wonderful people and learning some new things, a little bit of shopping and a lot of laughter. Part of me is saying, "You can't afford this, times are tough", but another part is saying, "You need this to recharge your creative batteries". That's the part I'm going to listen to.

I am going to bring a wee box of stuff so I don't have to sell the jewelry off of my body. Though if someone really wants it, well, I'm flexible. But not the skull ring!

I'm also faced with the challenge of selecting stuff for the mixed media classes I'm taking. I have 9 of those teeny multi drawer storage thingies crammed full of tiny things, almost all vintage, from 1940s Crackerjack charms, to celluloid horses, cloisonne elephants, crystal beads, celluloid flowers, Dresden enamels, tiny pictures, religious medals, to amber and carved bone beads, antique buttons and just weird bits of metal from the beach. Beach glass, tiny colored shells from the 50's. Tiny tools-wrenches, spanners, scissors-that work, only 1" long. Watch parts and watch faces. Tiny things with words on them.

I CANNOT take 9 big boxes of little treasures on the plane with me. (LOL). It's going to be really hard to choose just a little bit, but the discipline will be good for me. OR, it would be even better if someone ELSE came in and chose for me! Any takers?

Wouldn't you like to dig through this with me?


Veronica said...

lThe pod dress would be more practical as a bead..........notice she doesn't have any arms? How is the wearer suppose to make bead/look at beads/eat???with no arms???
Love your new pendant ! Keep it up.
Funny pod kitty!
If I lived closer you would have a difficult time getting rid of me......I could choose what to take for the mixed media class.....would love to do that, what FUN it would be ! Damn distance !
Love, V.

Karen Elmquist said...

I wish you would!!!

Karen Elmquist said...

Or even better I wish you were taking the class!

Amy Waldman-Smith said...

Hi Karen:
You can count me in - I would love to dig through your stash and help you choose what to take to B&B! I will definitely see you there!

Cris Leonard said...

I call the green pod dress. It would look great with my red hair. I'd wear it to Anne's Bead award thingie. Oh! And purple shoes!

Cris Leonard said...

Oh, and I'd happily volunteer to poke through all of your treasures for you. And if a few things came up missing......

Anonymous said...

Karen, I could seriously come and LIVE in your studio...LOL!

Karen Elmquist said...

Well, I would love the company so every one come on over!!