Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grouchy Old Lady

Yes, I admit it, I have become that grumpy old lady. Hummph. I don't care. In my defense, I offer the following points:

  1. If you say "Trick or Treat" in a baritone voice, you should not be trick or treating.
  2. If you had to shave before you put your costume on, you should not be trick or treating.
  3. If you have your drivers license, you should not be trick or treating.
  4. If you are an average of 8" taller than I am, you should get a job and buy your own goddamned candy.
  5. If my lights are out and I don't answer the door, go home already and let me eat the leftover treats in peace. Big dumb boobs.

    Ahh, that feels better. To refresh you after that rantlette, here are some new marble pictures. First plunged floral marble:

And another vortex. I CAN'T get these to look as cool in my photos as they really are, such a cool optical illusion of depth.

Blessed Samhain and All Souls Eve, Happy Dia de los Muertos tomorrow! I think the souls of all our loved ones gather close on these short days and long nights, to protect us with their love, and to be reminded that they are not forgotten.


Veronica said...

Am in COMPLETE agreement with your rant..........well put ! view of lifes' recent challenges, it's good to see that you have found your marbles. (rather weak "haha").
Keep creating !
Love, V.

Cris Leonard said...

Karen, I asked a 10 year old kid at my door what trick they had for their treat and she said, "well, I could egg your house unless you give me some candy". Children are so precious.

Karen Elmquist said...

Bless the little darlings! Aren't they sweet?