Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tired but hopeful, I won't attempt a detailed update, I know you understand.

Last month I made these vessels, and I love how they turned out. There's something so tranquil and serene about them, especially the winged vessels. To me they symbolize that we can "rise above", that at any moment we can choose to lift ourselves up and look at things from another perspective. It sounds so easy but it's very, very difficult to put into practice. Perhaps wearing one of these will help! And remember you can always shout "Serenity now!"

I've been playing a bit with marble making in the last few days. I've been making miniature paperweights which are really just marbles minus the final step of breaking off the punty and firepolishing. They are quite fun to make though that final firepolishing always has the extra excitement of knowing that the marble can roll out of the marble mold and roll merrily around the table, onto my lap, or across the floor. No major disasters so far. There are "marble holding fingers" which would eliminate this excitement, but they're pricey for what is essentially a glorified pickle grabber!

Bubbly pokey marble:

Aquariums and a Voodoo Fossil marble:
Some flowers too:
I was blessed with a very pleasant birthday and was quite spoiled with surprises, including Japanese lessons! This wonderful package arrived from my friend Carol who always incorporates such whimsy and imagination into everything she does. Thank you Carol!

Inside was an amazing steel cat with purple stripes!
Thanksgiving was great too, though the turkey went into the oven late, and our crotchety oven is unpredictable to begin with. The table looked lovely and the food was yum!
It's truly fall, though there are still roses and dahlias blooming, the light and air and the texture of the days are changing into a moodier atmosphere. The veils between the worlds become thin at this time of year. Echoes of our pagan past.

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