Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping we will all have a year filled with happy moments, goals achieved and tranquility throughout.

Yesterday I saw a quintessentially Canadian scene... A group of guys and kids playing hockey on the frozen water hazard of the local golf course. It made me smile. WAY better than road hockey!!

The squirrels have been enjoying our Solstice offering. Each hazelnut has been hidden in one of the big flowerpots, found by a different squirrel and moved to another flowerpot, and then the process repeated. We have grey and black squirrels, and they are bouncing like dolphins from flowerpot to flowerpot. Very entertaining! They are fat and sassy which explains why they aren't just eating the nuts. The figs and apples have completely disappeared, except for one lonely apple placed carefully at the very corner of the deck, on the top rail, like a beacon to say "Hey, Treats Here"!!

Ice is building up on the beach...the lake is turning to slush and eventually makes mountains of ice, right now they look like igloos. We had so fierce a wind a few nights ago that the 1940s metal deck chairs were pushed around the deck an inch at a looked as though they were trying to creep towards the door to come inside. Perhaps they were!

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