Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Solstice!

Beautiful as this time of the year is, I just don't get as excited over the Summer Solstice as I do over the Winter Solstice. I suppose this comes from my "Viking" ancestry, when a celebration of the return of the long days made a lot more sense than a celebration of shorter days!
I hope your Solstice was lovely!

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Cristina said...

Karen, your post about the wild strawberries nearly brought me to tears, but in a nice way! It brought back wonderful memories of growing up on the farm. When we were kids we would pick them for Mom and have them after supper with vanilla ice cream. I also remember competing with the Redwing Blackbirds while we picked them. I haven't tasted wild strawberries for years now, but I can remember their beautiful taste on my tongue like it was yesterday! I remember chasing the county road crews away when they where spraying weeds in the ditches as that's where our strawberries grew. Growing up on the farm afforded us a freedom that not many kids today enjoy. Thanks for bringing it back to me, if only for a moment.