Monday, June 2, 2008

Live From Milwaukee

Hello!! I was so busy getting ready to come to the Bead and Button show that I had no interesting thoughts in my head to share for a few days... I was just absorbed in lists, answers to ebay questions, packaging and shipping and preparing the next batch of auctions...which are now live if you care to peruse some lovely vintage and Victorian jewelry. I was also trying to master my cell phone...yes, I have been dragged into the current century, I was probably the last person left in Canada who didn't have one. Thank you Mr Bell, your mission is complete.

Now I am relaxing in the Milwaukee Hilton, along with Anne's feet and a bottle of vodka, which belongs to Anne's feet. The rest of Anne had no comment and preferred not to be interviewed at this time. In a statement released by her PR firm (Fusenrivet, Inc), she said: "Let the games begin".

My journey to Milwaukee was perfectly pleasant, I was chauffeured by So, who is ever obliging in this way, even when I fall asleep. I am the most boring car trip companion ever, except when I've had one coffee too many and won't shut up. It actually took longer to drive to the Flint airport than the flight to Milwaukee. Due to the time change I was actually landing in Milwaukee 15 minutes before I left Flint which for some reason truly delights me. Unfortunately when I fly home I have to give it back. Oh well.

Milwaukee seems to be a lovely city though so far I have only seen the route from the airport to the hotel and about 2 blocks around the Midwest Airline Center. I helped Anne set up her classroom on Saturday and met two of her friends, Cris and Gail, who are truly delightful. They are also in the three-day class. They are hilarious, with a constant stream of banter and insults just loud enough for me to hear and crack up. We laughed so much on Saturday night that my face hurt.

The Bead and Button Show is fantastically well organized....everything possible seems to have been thought out to make things run smoothly for the instructors and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for the students. The needs of both seem to have been carefully considered. This is quite amazing for such a HUGE show. At this point there are workshops and master classes going on, the shorter classes start on Wednesday.

I have learned so much, I have a fine silver chain to show off and the pendant to go with it should be finished tomorrow morning. I am so glad to be here!

It's going to be a full and busy week!

The word from home is that Valentine misses me (SO misses me too I'm happy to say!)

Valli has been looking for me in the office, meowing at the studio door and looking for me under the bed, which is rather puzzling as it's not a place I OR the cat spend much time in. She also says she's not enjoying filling in for me...which isn't an issue as she doesn't do any work anyways!

I will continue to report with Bead and Button updates as time permits. I am so glad Anne talked me into coming to the show, I'm learning so much and having so much fun. In my recent isolation I had forgotten how much true and simple joy can be found in the company of like-minded individuals. I am blessed!

Voodoo Fossil Beads from last week:

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