Friday, June 27, 2008

Seeking Balance

My mission this summer is the maintenance of balance. It's ironic that, despite being a Libra, maintaining balance should have become the hardest thing to do. And balance, a simple word, has come to symbolize a great deal to me.

It's so easy to lose sight of what really matters. It's so easy to forget what really matters.

I have cleared my schedule for the next two weeks so I can spend a wonderful unbroken stretch of time working in the studio. I have a show in a few weeks and need some time to finish up certain amounts of things, and make a few new ideas to see if they work. I have lots of goodies for the show, but of course I always want more, more, more! I'm going to really enjoy this and I'll post pictures of what I'm working on.

I am on the local Artists Studio Tour for the first time this fall, which has spurred me to purge a lot of ancient unused crap out of the garage, which is the elegant location of my studio/workspace. (I realize every day how blessed I am that So doesn't crave any garage space and doesn't mind parking outside!) I've painted another wall in a vivid color...a bright screamin' apple green...this is quite a departure for me. I put so much stuff on my walls that I usually prefer them to be soft neutral colors...but the studio space was crying out for color. This particular green really sets off my collection of 1950's plaster wall fruit, just as the vivid blue paint perfectly suits the adjacent Wall of Virgins. Pictures soon.

The next task is to paint my Dad's workbench. My late Dad spent a lot of time puttering in his garage, fixing things and when Mom moved I asked if I could have the workbench. It's a homely old thing that he built himself, with a great large work surface, and a few small drawers below, taken from an old library card catalogue file he picked up somewhere. Currently it's painted a manly battleship grey, I'm thinking it would be much happier in it's new home if it was painted a vivid pink, or possibly a nice intense lilac. I'll cover the top with sheet metal. I'll post pictures and this time I'll remember to do a before and after shot!

Off to work on my balance!

Flora always keeps her balance!

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