Monday, June 16, 2008


There is a teeny tiny sliver of a park near my apartment in town, close to the river. Along one side is a short but rather steep slope, which is gently eroding away to reveal fragments from the past. This is a fancy way of saying that it's a small, old dump site. Not a modern, stinky dump site, judging from the stuff I find it was used until the 1930's, at which point is was abandoned and then included in the park. It's right in the floodplain and there was a huge flood in 1937. Every now and then I spend a pleasant hour or so poking in the dirt with a stick. I love seeing what erodes out of the earth over time. Here are several tips for "Park-eology" when you discover a likely spot in your town!

  • Don't carry a purse so large and heavy that you tip over while you're digging. ( In my defense, I was coming back from the library when this happened)

  • A good digging stick saves your manicure. Since my nails usually look like a little boy's I don't care, but I do like a good sturdy stick for my excavations. If your park has trees...there will be sticks! Shovel? Not so good...a little too obvious!

  • Don't put sharp stuff in your pockets and then forget about it.

  • Two little words: Tetanus shot.

  • If you see something cool, pick it probably won't be able to find it again even 5 minutes later!

  • It's okay to be creeped out by bones.

  • A plastic bag for your finds saves the inside of your $$$ purse (I guess in the minds of some a $$$ purse and digging for junk with a stick just don't go together, I disagree!)

  • Get used to people being curious about what you are doing. I ignore the bike guy who always yells at me that he's going to get me arrested. What's his problem?

  • Keep an eye on City Works and road repairs in your travels, I've found lots of goodies in the dirt turned up by our works crews. And it amuses the crew guys too.

  • Embrace your inner magpie! Grab that sparkly bit and take it home!!!

  • This glass is almost as pretty as the "Roman" glass I saw at Bead and Button...and probably about the same age!

    I'm amazed I found two pieces with "V"'s for my friend Veronica!

    A great tiny intact bottle...and a not-old-but-cool plastic skull!

    Check out the yummy red glass, and the china button!

    I am blessed to find pleasure in small things.

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    Veronica said...

    You constantly amaze me Karen.........and two "V's"......thank you for thinking of me!
    Love, V.