Monday, June 29, 2009

Driver's Ed, Day Three

Teens texting constantly during class: One on either side of me clickety clickety clickety...
Fidget-inducing high school tribute videos for dead teens, with Sarah McLachlan music: Two
Scary 1980s how-to-react-to-emergency-vehicle videos: One
Scary 1980s car crash videos: One
Giant 1980s cell phones in videos: Too many to count
Giant 1980's eyeglasses in videos: See above
Giant 1980's hairstyles in videos: One

Might be time for some new videos?

One more day to go. Pray for me. Or chip in on my bicycle fund, I'm accepting donations.

1 comment:

Cris Leonard said...

No bike for you my girl! You be driving all by your self before you know it. Just no texting while driving, ok?