Thursday, February 4, 2010

Editing Out The Really Boring But Accurate Blog Entries

I thought I would point out that I have actually been blogging every single day for the past few months, but I hadn't mentioned that my special new automatic editing program, called "DepressO-Delete" automatically edits or removes all overwhelmingly depressing entries. On the days that I feel like crap I just write a long gloomy post about how "Today, I feel like crap", and the new editing program quickly and easily deletes that for me.
Since the past few months have been particularly crappy, I realize the editing has left a fairly minimal blog!
I opted not to add in the optional "The Infinite Universe is Just Lovely and I am Attracting Money, Fame and Oprah to my Ultimate Inner Being" post-generating feature, because, well, I am stubborn about living in the real world, warts and all.

It's incredibly frustrating to realize that all of the effort and willpower I can exert will not cure depression. I'm appreciative of even a fleeting moment of optimism during a day, of a good night's sleep, of things that make me laugh (the cat asleep in my overnight bag), of a few unbroken hours of concentration. I'm grateful I can create and I can learn. I fight to keep faith that I will be well.


Veronica said...

Keep fighting............keep creating......and, very important.....keep your overnight bag open and near!
Love, V.

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Hang in there, Karen - one day, one step. one blog entry at a time. On the plus side, there are always beads to be made, cats to be cuddled and friends who care enough to visit your blog on a regular basis, whether or not the entries are being edited.