Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Report from Quality Control:

Huh. The E-6000 glue: no good for vessel collars.
I try to pull, poke, prod and otherwise torment the stuff I make, I'd rather have a piece come off in my hand than in a customers. The fine silver collar I attached to a pretty pink pod vessel 2 days ago didn't make the cut. I pulled it right apart just now without much difficulty. Back to good old 2 part epoxy, which holds up much better to "chemically solder" my stuff. (That's a fancy way of saying "glue" which sounds more difficult and complex, haha).
Lots of new necklaces to be photographed if we get a few moments of sunshine. It seems that recently the sun only shines if I am leaving to go to the dentist or in the shower, or cooking dinner. When I am all ready to take pictures it's dull and grey. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
On the brain front, progress is being made in the form of new meds which aren't making my hands shake, and hopefully will restore my balance. I am cautiously optimistic!


Gail said...

Thought of you today. I was wearing my skull bead. Hope things are going well with you

Karen Elmquist said...

Yay skull bead! I am doing a lot better thanks. Looking forward to seeing you in Santa Fe and hoping so much that Cris will be with us too. LOVE the Tanith coin piece.