Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, *&#!!

I hardly ever watch tv any more. My attention span for boring tv is really, really short. I cancelled the cable at the apartment, though we've kept it here at the lakehouse. I do adore Lost, and Jon Stewart and I have a little soft spot for Anderson Cooper, and House, I'm glad I can watch those online, or when I am here at the lake.
We planned to watch the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics last night, and we were really looking forward to it. 15 minutes before the start time...the cable/internet went out. I was in the middle of an IM conversation with Anne talking about how excited we were, and pfffththh. No cable or internet. A call to the cable company gave me a recorded message saying that "the city of C------ was experiencing an outage". "City" makes me's our nearest inhabited locality and it has (it think) 4 street lights (not stoplights...streetlights) and 3 stop signs. One store which is a combination variety/antiques/hot dog stand/wood furniture and BEER store. Nonetheless, no cable and not long after we lost power too. So it was reading by flashlights, and communing with our pioneer ancestors, and no patriotic festivities for us.
The bits I've caught online this morning look great, but poor Wayne Gretzky, couldn't they have given the poor guy an Olympic themed umbrella as he carried the torch through the pouring rain? Dang! I think it must have been hard to think noble patriotic historically significant torch-lighting thoughts with cold rain dripping down the back of his neck!

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