Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Message Will Self Destruct....

I seem to be on an inadvertent course of self destruction and personal maiming these past few days. My brain chemistry is really improving, with consequent uplifting of outlook, but I am experiencing some extra clumsy moments physically, maybe to keep me from getting too uplifted all at once.
I have poked my thumb with an awl, broken a fingernail off down about as far as it possibly could break, popped myself in the arm with the (HOT) face of my Blazer torch, brushed the tip of my left index finger into the big torch flame, had a hot glass bit shoot up my sweater sleeve and dropped my ring mandrel onto my foot which fortunately was cushioned by an Ugg boot. Today, to cap this off, I inadvertently, thoroughly stuck the first two fingers of my left hand into the flame. Not just randomly, it was part of a purposeful gesture, I assure you, but certainly not my intent. It was not on my list of things to do today.


There are definitely no germs left on my fingertips. There might not be any fingerprints left on my fingertips.


If the underpants bomber experienced anything like this sensation in his boy-parts when he ignited his undie-bomb, I figure he may have had a good start on appropriate punishment.


Jody Lee said...

Oh my goodness Karen!! You have had more injuries in the last day to last you 10 years!

Be careful - not everything must be sacrificed for your art.

RoxysBlog said...

Yikes! You've had quite a few days. It's a good thing your mental outlook is getting better;0). BTW, Those Big-Bad-A-Boom beads are truly awesome!

cindi's blahg blahg blahg said...

Karen -
I'm a friend of Cris Leonards. You and I met at B&B in 2008. I couldn't find an email address for you. Could you please email me @ ? I want to let you know about something that has happened.