Friday, November 19, 2010

Stuff of the Day

I saw a flock of wild turkeys in a field today on my way into town. Sadly both cameras were here on my desk.

There are promotional signs at our local mall saying "The's where the shopping is!". Now, as an enthusiasm builder, this seems like a non-starter to me. Kind of like "The Lungs...they're where the breathing is!". Thanks for pointing this out. Exciting stuff.
Santa was not yet at the Mall. College students in pajama pants and parkas were at the mall. Kids, this is not a good look.

I had to buy some lampshades at Walmart. I suppose I didn't HAVE to buy them at Walmart, but I needed 6 inexpensive shades for a hanging fixture. The old ones were refusing to stay in place due to the weird plastic Ikea adaptors, which have begun to break into bits, meaning that at any time a lampshade could plop down over a light bulb and a piece of plastic land in your plate. Despite my efforts to repair them, and reinforce them with carefully cut pieces of cream cheese container lids, wait, they're still good, I can fix em again, oh God, I'm turning into my Grandma...the time had come for a nice new set of cheap crappy shades.

So I got my cheap shades and kept a close eye out in case I saw any People of Walmart people but there were only normal people, and 1,247 different kinds of Christmas candy. It was mesmerising, and no, I didn't buy any because I would just eat it! I'll wait until closer to Christmas when we can all snack ourselves into a sugar-and-fat induced coma without feeling guilty.

The shades look great.

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