Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Global warming?

Apparently not here. It's cold. Windy, bleak, grey, rain-spattered, toe numbing, eye-wateringly, freakishly cold! It feels much more like an Ontario October than a dreamy Ontario May. However, since complaining about the weather is actually Canada's national sport (not hockey, that's just a diversion!), no doubt next week I'll be complaining that it's too hot.

I did manage to drag myself outside to mail some letters and walk to the end of the lawn, just to be sure that the lake hadn't actually iced over again. So far so good, but I'm keeping an eye on it just the same!

I'm getting ready to go the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee for the first time. Produced by Bead and Button Magazine, the show's website proclaims it to be the "largest jewelry and bead show in the nation". There are 370 vendors. And over 500 classes. How can I explain this to a non-beader? Well, with tongue just a bit in cheek, I'm anticipating it as a semi-magical experience, with more beads than my mind can possibly comprehend, more jewelry designers, bead lovers and artisans in one place than I've ever seen, and much esoteric knowledge being exchanged. Because I've never been, I feel rather like Hermione on her way to Hogwarts.

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Ann Dee Allen said...

Hi Karen,
We're so glad that you're coming to the Bead&Button Show! I have a feeling that once you experience it, you'll come every year. Here is a link to video interviews with artists and teachers from the show:
bnb/default.aspx?c=ss&id=179. The interviews give a real flavor of the show.
Ann Dee Allen
Editor, Bead&Button magazine