Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mama Robin...and family. With touching optimism and faith in the kindness of the universe, she built her nest in a low bush just outside the door of the tiny apartment building I live in. There are only 35 apartments here, but a fair number of people pass in and out of the front door each day, along with assorted kids, dogs, bicycles and delivery people. Yet she patiently brooded over her four exquisite pale blue eggs, confident that all of us were looking out for her. She's quite absorbed in caring for her infants...when I took this picture I could have reached out and touched her, I hope she knew she had no need to fear.

I'm not a mother. I simply never got "the call", and consider myself lucky to live in a time and place where I had a choice to remain childless. But I'm blessed with a mother, and a sister who is a mother, and friends with children, all of whom show me in their various ways the joys and challenges of the hardest job in the world. I salute you, and all mothers. Every day should be Mother's Day. I love you all.

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