Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Little Things

A Little Visitor In The Yard:

Little Things From The Beach:

I love the blue jay's feather, I hardly ever find them, however I can always offer you an extraordinary variety of seagull feathers! The opaque light green glass is fantastic, I don't think I've ever found any that particular color. The vaguely heart shaped stone has a cave of tiny sparkling crystals that goes through to the other side. I thought it curious that the other two stones have holes in the same enlongated shape. And a piece of blue glass always makes my day.

A Little Excitement: no picture though...there was a tremendous scrabbling and thumping of paws a while ago...punctuated by squeaks. Yes, Valentine had a large, pissed off mouse hanging from her mouth by the tail. She knew I would take it away from her and promptly took off for the basement. You would think it would be easy for a fast young cat and a reasonably agile human to catch a mouse in a very large, mostly unfurnished space...but that mouse was fast! And feisty! It was standing up on it's hind legs, boxing at the cat...who was quite disconcerted by this un-mouse-like behaviour. I almost had it a few times, but finally gave up. Valentine is still downstairs on high alert. That had better be a cautious mouse tonight, or it will be, as Mma Ramotswe says a "late" mouse!

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